Portable Bozeman Pontoon Boat Fits in a Backpack for Those Hard To Reach Fishing Holes

So, you found what you think is a sweet fishing hole, but all you’ve been able to do so far is look at it from the shore. You’d like to get your boat in the water and go take a closer look, but there is no way to trailer it into your remote location.

The Bozeman Pontoon fits in a backpack.


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That’s where the Bozeman Pontoon boat from Classic Accessories comes in. Able to fold into a backpack and weighing in at only 45 pounds, this inflatable 8 foot personal watercraft is exactly what you need. Bozeman is no stranger to pontoons. They carry a full compliment. Check out this instructional video from their site to get a feel for some of their boats!

This boat is rated class 1 and will hold up to 350 pounds. That’s enough for most full grown men, or a couple of scrawny kids! The pontoons measure a full eight feet for a stable stance that will keep you steady, whatever you have on the line!

Comes ready to assemble.

assembling seat


The Bozeman Pontoon boat ships in one box and the guys from Classic have put together a six part YouTube assembly review. Everything you need, except a couple of basic hand tools, is included in the one box and even with the learning curve, it can be assembled and ready to go the same day.

While you might assume that any boat that will fold into a backpack would be short on features, with the Bozeman Pontoon boat you would lose that bet! First, the backpack is rugged and simple, not a lot of extra zippers or compartments to break down, or lock up at a crucial moment.

The backpack is simple and rugged.

Next, the whole Bozeman Pontoon boat frame and locking hardware is stout. It’s lighter than some pontoon boats intentionally, but to be fair, you are going to lug this sucker on your back.

Once you get past the basic, solid construction, they have pretty much thought of everything. The foldable seat is roomy and padded and has a sling back on it for comfort. It has a fully adjustable padded shoulder harness to make it easy to walk it out to the water and there are a lot of great little features like:

  • Armrest storage pockets, two zippered, and two mesh for wet gear.
  • Big zippered pocket on seat back for important gear that needs to stay close.
  • Fabric rear storage platform for keeping bait, tackle, lunch box or a small cooler ready for action.
  • The oar locks are steel, not plastic, to survive rough use from the three-piece aluminum oars.

You could pack quite a lunch in these generous armrest storage pockets.

The pontoons are reinforced on the bottom to survive brush and rocks and the steel tube frame has been powder coated for a rust-free finish! If you’d like to learn more about the Bozeman Pontoon Boat, you can download a PDF of the owner’s manual from Classic Accessories!


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