This Aging And Poorly-Kept Pontoon Boat Got A Fabulous DIY Upgrade

Receiving free stuff from family often comes without strings, though not always in great condition. A relative gave imgur user pheen a 26-year-old pontoon boat that needed some TLC.

The boat’s problems went beyond the cosmetic: it needed a new fuel filter, deck, and the furniture was a soggy mess.

How the boat looked when he took delivery. Whole, but worn.

A closer inspection revealed many trouble spots.

The pop up awning and destroyed seating came out.

Everything was going to have to go.

This thing has obviously seen some days outside, uncovered.

All of the fencing came off…

And the deck was stripped down….

All the way to bare metal.

New wiring was laid around the pontoons.

And fresh marine-grade plywood replaced the flimsy deck.

3/4″ Marine-grade plywood went on without much issue. It’s basically four 4’x8′ sheets with a fifth sheet needed for the back pieces and on the front pieces that went over the front of the pontoons.

Vinyl floor covering.

The fencing frames were reused, with new interior solid panels.

The new fencing (on the right) looks much nicer.

Most of the renovation costs were spent in purchasing these new seats from an online retailer.

The new steering console looks a heck of a lot better than the old one.

New wiring was installed in channels for extra protection.

The pontoon boat is really coming together now.

With the improved seating, up to 12 people can come along for the fun.

Some parts could be recycled, like these original navigation lights.

Heading out for the maiden voyage.

The doggies love it.

Kid approved!

We’re happy with how it turned out. Next step is a bigger motor. The 30HP Mariner just isn’t enough for the size of lake it’s on now. We just me in it, it was GPSed at about 13-14MPH, but add in 4-5 other people and a cooler and it’s only hitting about 8MPH. It’s rated for up to a 75HP motor, which is what I think we’re going to get… maybe next year!

More photos at pheen’s imgur album here.

H/T: ViralNova

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