Pond King Mini Pontoon Boat Fits In The Back Of A Pickup Truck

Fishing from the shore beats not fishing at all – but many anglers want to get out on the water to fish the ideal spots. One company aims to help fisherman on small ponds and lakes reach those prized lunkers with ease.

Pond King makes a variety of pontoon-based watercraft for the avid angler. One of their smallest designs, the Pond King Rebel, can fit in the bed of a pickup truck! Beat that for portability.

Maneuvering the craft on land is simple as pie,

It’s designed to be able to pick up the one end and wheel around like a wheelbarrow to get it where you need to go.

The aluminum boat stands just 48 inches wide (in transport mode) to accommodate the width of most truck beds, and weighs in at a light 175 pounds. Once unloaded, the pontoons slide out for a wider footprint.

Now that’s a fantastic boat for a solo fisherman. They also makes a two-seater version if you want to bring someone else along.

For more information on the Pond King Rebel, visit their website.

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