5 Outrageous Luxury Yacht Designs You Have to See To Believe

Yachts are the royalty of privately owned boats. The boats of today are amazing no doubt, but check out these luxury yachts that represent the most outrageous yacht design ideas of the present – and the future! Which one would you own if money were no issue?

1. Tiki Hut Island Boat

Considering buying your own island? Why not build a portable one instead!

Yacht Island Designs of the UK has come up with what may be some of the most outrageous luxury yachts ever! Here is one that includes your very own volcano. The poshest of Vegas hotels has nothing on this bad boy.

Watch movies in the state of the art cinema, get your workout on in the private gym, or just relax in or around the on-deck pool. If you’re lucky enough to get invited into the owner’s suite, you can enjoy this outrageous luxury yacht’s best view from inside the volcano (complete with simulated flowing lava of course).

2. Planet Solar Turanor

So, you think your environmental beliefs might preclude luxury yachts? What about the world’s largest solar powered boat?

Stay green aboard this, the world’s largest solar powered, luxury yacht.

Featured at the World Future Energy Summit, Planet Solar’s Turanor is on the last leg of an east to west around-the-world voyage that has proven beyond a doubt that solar powered vessels are feasible.

With over 20 million dollars invested, this luxury yacht has served as a laboratory to test many new energy concepts in a real world scenario. It might be not showing up for sale at your local boat dealer any time soon, but some of the concepts it helped develop just might be.

3. Adastra Trimaran

So, your mom thinks you should put down the iPad and join the real world? What if that iPad serves as the helm of this super futuristic luxury yacht? You wouldn’t want your kids playing with the iPad aboard Adastra.

The $15 million dollar Adastra is 139 feet long and powered by a trimaran hull that’s perfect for trans-oceanic voyages. It took more than five years to develop, and the iPad connection works through a custom developed app.

4. Russian Billionaire’s Yacht

Count ‘em, not one but TWO helipads aboard this luxury yacht!

You know those guys who always have to one-up everybody all the time? Well, 44 year old Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich tops the list with this billion dollar luxury yacht that is currently the longest privately owned yacht in the world!

As luxury yachts go, that is hardly the only bragging rights that the Eclipse can claim. With two dozen guest cabins, two swimming pools, two helipads, three launch boats and a crew of 70, we are guessing you’d probably never have to eat the same thing for dinner twice.

5. Vertigo 200 Superyacht

Sail boats have always been a symbol of freedom and adventure, and with this beautiful luxury yacht they can also be a world class status symbol too.

Alloy Yachts‘ Vertigo 220 Superyacht, is aptly named with masts nearly as tall as this boat is long. We can only imagine the case of vertigo you would get atop one of them.

Designed by Phillippe Brand, this luxury yacht is actually a sail boat over 200 feet long, designed to carry crew and passengers around the world!

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